During Spring Break 2016, we took nine members across the globe to a small village in India. While there, we worked to set the foundations to a brighter future for the impoverished residents. By bringing together the local talents, we sought to create an artisan crafts business with the hopes of generating revenues and jobs for the unemployed.

Thus the Bandhwari Women’s Co-Op was born, and with your help it may thrive! All donations and money raised through our fundraising events will go towards helping the entrepreneurial women of Bandhwari village. Our hope is that these women will gain the empowerment, independence, and education to successfully manage their business and eventually market their products internationally.

If you are interested in donating, you may do so through our GoFundMe campaign. Alternatively, you can help us raise money through our various fundraising events and activities, or simply share our GoFundMe campaign on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social network accounts!

Here is a news article that the FIU college of business wrote about our project last year.